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Goblin Ambush - Garrekson Trading House Contract

Our adventurers find themselves searching a nearby trading route, employed by the Sarain branch of the Garrekson Trading House.

After traveling for a few hours to the location they were informed of, the party realizes they are being watched. Kaizen, after a brief chat with the rest of the party, pretends to trip and fall, shattering a small vial and acting distraught at its loss. Claraga uses the opportunity to slip into the woods, quietly scanning for the eyes that she had noticed as they walked. She spots a small scouting party of goblins, each hefting a small crossbow that they have trained on the rest of the party. Quietly, she sneaks up to them as they step out of the forest.

The first volley of bolts flies as the goblins step from the brush; two bolts miss the party overhead, one bot lands right next to Kaizen. The party scuffles with the goblins, killing two swiftly and capturing one to interrogate. Though its common is poor, it at least tells enough for the party to know about the camp's denizens.

They quietly maneuver through the woods, Claraga once again taking point and scouting ahead. She returns after a few minutes to inform the rest of the party what she learned before running off to take a higher position to fire from, having salvaged a crossbow from the previous run-in with the goblins.

Kaizen, not too keen to put himself into the crossfire again, opts to hide behind a tree near the clearing where the remaining party members begin to make a distraction. Two goblin warriors slink towards the party, charging out with a loud screech. Claraga fires a bolt right past one of them, barely missing it; Kaizen uses his dagger to stab one of the goblins from the shadows of the brush. These two put up a bit more of a fight, but meet their ends by an axe.

Just as they begin to plan their advance, an arrow flies whistling from the forest, catching the sorceror in the arm. He screams in pain, hiding behind the barbarian as cover from the unknown would-be assailant. Kaizen quickly brews him up a healing potion, tossing it over before moving into the woods, carefully utilizing the trees as cover from arrow-fire. Claraga manages to nick the tree-perching goblin on the leg, while Esmeralda throws a spear acquired from the earlier goblin scouts. Though it misses, it gives the others time to get in position; barbarian on one side of the tree, a now hulking Kaizen on the other. The sorceror throws a few quick spells towards the goblin archer, managing to score a solid hit. Injured, the goblin attempts to use a rope and grappling hook to swing to the safety of another tree. His flight is interrupts by another throw from Esmeralda, ending with his sudden fall and a loud crack against the ground.

The party investigates the camp, eager to acquire the riches promised from the looters. After scavenging what they can, they return to Sarain to collect their reward.


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